My name is Qui and I'm a Recovering addict?!!!....

Hello to all who are reading this post (wave)....I know I got a little side tracked with my post, but I'm definitely putting myself on a REAL schedule. So I just wanted to drop in and discuss how as I was doing some cleaning and trying to get rid of some of my things that I don't necessarily use or need. I got to my hair products and whew. How far I've come. I had previously done some organizing between products that I've noticed to use more frequently and those that I barely touch anymore (mind you those products were still almost full). What I noticed was that I began to want to keep everything as simple as possible and if what I'm using works, then "If it ain't broke; don't fix it"

Men vs Women Stylist

Hi Loves!!! We made it to the end of the week (wipes brow....whew). Well what a perfect time to discuss the topic at hand being that this would be the time that most will be getting their crown/hair slayyyyed in the next few days. I've heard a few times that some women say they would prefer a male be their stylist because "they do hair better" Me personally it wouldn't matter if you are man, woman, or whatever; if you're professional and take care of my hair then I'm good. Now, there was a time that my stylist was a man (not because of preference) because he had me looking right and he was quick and professional (not always the case with some stylist). It was love at first styyylee (Ca

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