Entrepreneurship vs. being a Boss

We've made it to the half-way point of the week and I hope that things have been going well for everyone reading this post. Now if you're tuned in to social media frequently; you'll see all of these self proclaimed bosses. Although some may actually be; but some eeeehhhhh...not so much. Let's not mistake it; both are hard and sometimes have you questioning your decision. However, if you're doing either for all the right reasons it's well worth it. As an entrepreneur (as myself at this time) you don't have to worry about others and how they will take care of their families. When you're slacking off a bit; the guilt doesn't hit you as hard. It's like, "Yeah I'll do better." (raises han

Motivational Monday!!!

Well it's the start of a new week and it's that day that most people hate.....MONDAY!! However, I will start by saying Happy Monday *inserts wave*. I hope that any and everyone reading this has started their week off on a positive note. For anyone that may have been and/or still is dealing with an issue that may have you questioning how great you really are.....STOP questioning. What a perfect time for you to re-evaluate yourself and all that you are doing and/or striving to do but allowed yourself to be slowed down. Continuously re-evaluate yourself and take the time to reflect, heal, and grow. All the things that you've been putting off or just taking your time to get done....do it.

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