Are you willing to work for it?

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their holiday weekend (having that extended weekend is always helpful). Although, I worked, I still took the time to remember some of my service mates who are no longer with us.....(Go Navy!!) This has been such a long weekend, but it has made me realize that it's a must to really put in 150% to my own aspirations. Have you ever been so into making your money RIGHT NOW that you get side tracked on the bigger picture? My aspirations aren't just for my benefit so I must be sure to execute them all and do it RIGHT. However, we know that in most cases you have to spend money to make money. The biggest thing that we must be willing to sacrifice is our TIME.

Reclaiming Your Time!!

Hope you all are doing well.  Today was my Monday because I've had the longest weekend with work.  So yesterday was my day used for rest.  However, while working those long hours and being drained from both days being extremely hectic; a thought came to mind.  I was no longer happy doing that particular job anymore.  Then I began to think about all the time I put into it and the only thing I felt okay about was making the money.  You should do things that bring a sense of joy to you.  Putting your time and efforts towards something that gives you the return that not even money can buy is what I'm after (I still need my coin though 😏).  No more wasting time on jobs, people, or things that do


Happy Wednesday!!!  I hope everyone is making it through the week.  We're half way there now (well for some of us it's never ending).  Anyway it's nicer weather out (besides the pollen that almost took me, we feeling ourselves and just ready to live our BEST lives!!!.  However, I realized that I haven't been touching on my #smallbusinesssaturday posts as I was before.  So today I really want to take the time to acknowledge someone that has really been out here doing her thing.  Today I want to acknowledge a small business owner who has just started her business and it's special to me because I've been there from the beginning.  She's been my mock client for starting up a small bus

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