And Then The Mood Became Gray!!!!

Soooo...New seasons bring about new Beginnings and we're in the season of New Beginnings.  So one of the most popular things we begin to change about US is our over here we're in the business of new hair; which gives a new look.  Per our last post; you know there is a transition happening with yours truly.  After 2 lift sessions and a final decision of color......We Present.......Qui's Shade of Gray!!!

A New Look for the Season!

I know I'm not the only one that makes a complete change with things in my life.  You know when new things are happening, well not only new but new AND improved things.  That always makes you feel like you have to change something(s) with you.  You go to the gym more, change your diet, and/or hair.  Well I'm not as consistent with 2 of the 3 🤦🏽‍♀️....buuuuttttt....Yup, you guessed it.....New hair who dis?!👂🏿📲📞.....hmmm...what's the end results?........

The season of Giving is upon us!!!

I'm sure there's plenty of you that haven't come across your salon home.  Well, it's funny that you may be searching because this is a perfect time to give us a try.  There will be no need for Groupon because we have promos going on now.  Take 20% off blowout service with complimentary 10 min scalp massage (valued at $25) *by appointment only*

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