My name is Qui and I'm a Recovering addict?!!!....

Hello to all who are reading this post (wave)....I know I got a little side tracked with my post, but I'm definitely putting myself on a REAL schedule. So I just wanted to drop in and discuss how as I was doing some cleaning and trying to get rid of some of my things that I don't necessarily use or need. I got to my hair products and whew. How far I've come. I had previously done some organizing between products that I've noticed to use more frequently and those that I barely touch anymore (mind you those products were still almost full). What I noticed was that I began to want to keep everything as simple as possible and if what I'm using works, then "If it ain't broke; don't fix it" I know that's easier said than done but I'm still working on it and it's going well. So my hair has been doing wonderful. Getting longer and stronger since I tried to keep it simple with the same products and keeping up with my regular regimen. Sometimes less is more is a true fact and can apply to our hair care. Now I will say that I will sometimes switch it to try products due to my profession as a stylist to decide on products to use on my clients because I know that not all clients will like what I personally like to use daily but I would love to give them options (good options depending on their hair). However, I can't wait to share my progress after 90 days of my new Regimen of not using everything in my Do you all have any staple products? Share your go to products? How are you styling your hair in these winter months?

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