When there's many things to share....

Happy Monday all!!!!...I know it's been a while. However, I wanted to come in and address what's been on my mind lately with the direction of my blog. When you love so many different things why just put yourself in a box. Since I'm definitely one that will never stop learning. I'm still trying to find my way around blogging. However, what I do know is that you must keep your readers engaged and for me to do so I must touch on the things involved in my everyday life; which isn't all about hair. Although, I do love hair and all I have other things that I have strong interest in. Yes, I'm a hair stylist but is that all that I do?....Nope!!!. I'm also a nurse (so I would love to have discussions about health from time to time). I'm also, a lover of DIY projects (waaayyy too much HGTV and YouTube...lol). Also, many days of the week I'm a counselor (not by profession but I'm sure some of you are as well w/ friends and family....lol). I love to share some of my situations that could possibly help others from making those same mistakes that I may or may not have had. So, I look forward to changing the direction of my blog. Hope you all hang in there with your girl while making this transition. I will then be creating consistent and engaging content. Just wanted to drop in to give a brief update. Stay Classy Good People!!!

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