Crochet Styling...Snag Free!!!!

Hello Everyone!!! I'm just dropping in really quick to let you know about my experience with the Crochet needle by Dr. Kari Williams ( @drkariwill ). I will say that completing my hair was a breeze and caused no trauma to my strands. My time on the install was also a bit shorter. Although, using the other needle can get the job done; it can be challenging at times with that metal clamp getting caught in your braid. Oh how grateful I am for that tool. If you haven't purchased one and decided to do so...don't be alarmed of how light it is and how it may appear to be weak, because it is definitely not. I'm usually not a person that goes for a product/tool because everybody says it's good but if it will assist with producing a nice style on my hair and/or my client's hair without causing any harm. I'm all for it.

What the tool looks like up close

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