Money Monday

It's the start of a new week and I hope that it has been a good one.  I know I know this is supposed to be a hair blog (side eye).  However, my interest aren't just in hair.  Today while at my day job I was working my business as a Brand Ambassador (It Works) and made a decision that I wanted to make more in this business to be able to comfortably sew more into my future business of a salon owner.  So a light bulb went off that I wanted to be able to have more products on hand to do more events to introduce more people to my products.  It's been good to me so far making money from my phone/computer and work my job at the same time.  However, I know there's room for growth.  I decided at random that there's so many items that I have that could be great for someone else.  So today I will post some clothing/shoe items to sale on my site for 5 days (or until gone).  Some items will be new with tags, new, and lightly worn.  If you don't like the price (Unless I state Firm Price) feel free to make an offer.  I'll entertain it as long as the offer isn't bogus.  I know this idea to make a little extra cash isn't new, but it is to me.  Finally got the strength to let go of some items just hanging around in my closet.  This is definitely a way to make some extra cash.  Happy Shopping and if nothing here is for you.  Please feel free to pass on to a friend. :)

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