Scalp relief Tip!!!!!

It's been a long time....(as usual).  Hope everyone who reads this are doing well.  Still working on being more organized with trying to do so much.  Just wanted to drop in a little tip for some that don't already know.  Lately I've been having quite a few of my clients come in with very dry scalp with the warmer weather.  Also, my ladies that love those protective styles and make sure they get their money's worth out of the do; who may definitely need that deep scalp cleansing.  Always keep some baking soda on stand-by at home.  Baking soda is great for a number of things and hair is on the list.  Add a nice amount (depending upon how much shampoo used) to your shampoo and get to shampooing and pay close attention to your scalp.  At about the second round your scalp will be thanking you :).  All my clients that I used it on loved every minute and stated that they're scalp felt like a million bucks!!!!!...

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