#offTopicTuesday Just a day at the nail salon

August 15, 2017

Hey Y'all!!...Yeah I know, I'm always talmbout " I will not be waiting so long to write another post"🤔 (sad face).  Well I won't say anything I'll just do.  So, what's your favorite thing to do on your day of pampering?  For me, I love getting a good pedicure and that's what I did.  I have to take care of my feet (and hands) at all times.  It's so necessary for us that have professions that have you on your feet all day.  I work in healthcare (nurse) and do hair as well.  Both require a lot of time on your feet; so it feels good to have someone rub on your feet a lil bit.  Not to mention its wonderful for circulation.  However, my thoughts for this post came about while in a nail salon(Asian) and for the 1st time I really put thought into how I've never seen another Asian supporting the nail shop as a customer.  Really didn't dawn on me so much because I've been such a faithful customer at a very diverse nail salon in which I was able to support women of color in the nail industry over the past few years.  I bring this up because I wonder if the Asian community ever has the arguments of "we need to support our Asian businesses" like the African American community has to ask us to #supportblackbusiness.  Do you feel like Asians are starting to feel a threat of other ethnic origins?  Just a random thought for today.  I will say that the nail salon is a pretty decent place to network though for any of you business owners. 



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