Being Blonde!!!

Hello wonderful people(inserts wave)..Hope everyone has started their week off right. Can you all believe that this year is almost over...sheesh (face palm). Anyway, If you follow my IG ( @maneelevation and if not slide over and click that follow button :) ), you know I dyed my hair blonde a few weeks ago. My goal is platinum. However, during the process of this color I had to first strip my hair of it's natural color via "lifting" the hair. For the end result of platinum multiple processes must take place. With this the hair becomes a little more vulnerable to breakage. I only have one more process before achieving platinum *Thank goodness*. Since being blonde I know I must provide extra care to my hair. So every week I am sure to deep condition to maintain that moisture because being blonde always makes your hair appear dry/ moisture...moisture...and more moisture is necessary. My deep condition is something I've made and it works GREAT. I use Mango Butter, Aloe vera Gel, jojoba oil, with a little emu oil and honey. Be sure to warm your Mango butter up just a bit (enough to make it soft; not oil) and mix your remaining ingredients in until a smooth cream consistency is present and apply/massage over the entire head and place a plastic cap on and sit under the dryer or utilize a warm towel to penetrate the hair/scalp. I sat under the dryer for approx 15 min *Be sure to have a towel around your neck or a shirt your not too crazy about due to oil possibly dripping out of the plastic cap if you don't have the cotton to tie around the hair line** Rinse your hair with cool water really well (remember the cold with form the mango butter back to it's solid form if left in hair once the cold water hits it). When I tell you my hair felt good and the curls were popping and had a little shine on them....I won't tell you they didn't when they did!!!!... Well this was lengthy; but I HAD to share. Until next time. Let me know if you tried this and tell me how did it work for you. I'm sure it can work just the same on Non-colored hair as well. Until next time peeps!!!..LATER!

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