Who's using The Crayon Case?!

Hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to drop in to talk a little about a recent purchase. I'm definitely still playing my part in supporting small businesses. This is a highlighter (GlowCaine) from The Crayon Case and I'm sure if you're on social media you've seen their products all over. I had a good experience with placing the order. The package was shipped and received in a timely manner. I do know they've done a great job with getting the products in the right hands for promotion because what I really wanted was SOLD OUT. I'm definitely not mad about it, because that's a blessing. The highlighter is very soft/light and blends in to the skin well. I did a swatch. Haven't done a look yet (I'm still working on this make up thing)...lol. Anyway, I will post a pick when I do. However, I'll let you know that this exact product will be in the giveaway at the end of the month. A few more things to add by then. Will you be the winner. Stay tuned✌

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