Entrepreneurship vs. being a Boss

We've made it to the half-way point of the week and I hope that things have been going well for everyone reading this post. Now if you're tuned in to social media frequently; you'll see all of these self proclaimed bosses. Although some may actually be; but some eeeehhhhh...not so much. Let's not mistake it; both are hard and sometimes have you questioning your decision. However, if you're doing either for all the right reasons it's well worth it. As an entrepreneur (as myself at this time) you don't have to worry about others and how they will take care of their families. When you're slacking off a bit; the guilt doesn't hit you as hard. It's like, "Yeah I'll do better." (raises hand....because I'm so guilty of this). With my salon I have to worry about rent (and not 1 rent but 2....I have to have a place to live as well right?), insurance, and supplies/products for myself. Not to mention all the extras that I spend money on like; websites, scheduling systems (different ones to find which one works best for your business), marketing (IG isn't the only marketing just because it's free). There are days that you are sooooo close to quitting (and you actually can; especially if you have a career that you can fall back on or haven't left anyway). With all of that I still only have to worry about my. There's long days and nights (sometimes even sleepless) trying to plan new ideas, improve your business if one way isn't working. Sacrifice of time spent living like you see everyone around you doing. Saving and more saving; being sure to also put most back in your business and if you're like me; that's the beginning of you preparing to become a boss. Now, I don't believe that being a "boss" is for everybody (at least not in way that they are using it); but it's damn sure a lot of them (at least that's what they say). Maybe some mean they're bossy (no Kelis though...lol....okay okay corny joke..lol). I'm no expert yet but these are just my opinions I'm stating. However, I believe that when you're a boss you are placing others in a position to win just as you or better. I'm responsible for the success of others as well as myself. My responsibilities that I have for myself as an entrepreneur has multiplied because I have to provide all of that for my staff as well (i.e. insurance, products/supplies, marketing...etc). It's no longer just my family eating that I have to worry about; but now I have others to worry about. The business is your husband/wife and the employees are your babies and everyone has to be straight. Those days when you're so close to quitting (as an entrepreneur) are now behind you and that's no option. You no longer have to do things alone because now you have a team that you all can work together. Being a boss to me is a selfless position; you can't be afraid to share your time, knowledge, and energy with your people. That ME, ME, I, I, MY, MY mentality should not exist because now it's a WE. So the question is; are you still all about yourself? Is everything about you? Are you putting others in a position to win? Is what you're doing providing an income for someone other than yourself? If not then you my friend are an entrepreneur (and that's okay...so am I). However, my goals are so much bigger than me. My journey has never solely been about me. So no matter where you are in your journey keep pushing; don't quit. Remember, "There's beauty in the struggle....... J.Cole told ya'll that. Until next time good people....later

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