Happy Wednesday!!!  I hope everyone is making it through the week.  We're half way there now (well for some of us it's never ending).  Anyway it's nicer weather out (besides the pollen that almost took me OUT...lol), we feeling ourselves and just ready to live our BEST lives!!!.  However, I realized that I haven't been touching on my #smallbusinesssaturday posts as I was before.  So today I really want to take the time to acknowledge someone that has really been out here doing her thing.  Today I want to acknowledge a small business owner who has just started her business and it's special to me because I've been there from the beginning.  She's been my mock client for starting up a small business and she's doing amazing.  I want to highlight Grandma's Best, LLC and she has started her own line of seasoning.  Her seasoning can be used with most dishes to add great flavor.  Customer service is everything and she definitely will deliver A1 service.  Check her out on her site at www.grandmasbestllc.com  

IG:  grandmasbestllc and same on FB

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