Reclaiming Your Time!!

Hope you all are doing well.  Today was my Monday because I've had the longest weekend with work.  So yesterday was my day used for rest.  However, while working those long hours and being drained from both days being extremely hectic; a thought came to mind.  I was no longer happy doing that particular job anymore.  Then I began to think about all the time I put into it and the only thing I felt okay about was making the money.  You should do things that bring a sense of joy to you.  Putting your time and efforts towards something that gives you the return that not even money can buy is what I'm after (I still need my coin though 😏).  No more wasting time on jobs, people, or things that don't bring you joy/happiness.  Your time is something you can't get back, so why waste it being miserable?  That job that makes you feel a way; figure out what you would like to do instead and work on replacing it.  You have a guy/woman that's not making you feel the way you deserve ✌(I should've done that and meant it a looong time's done now...and I thank him for helping me out).  Those friends/family that only hit you when THEY need you...they can go too.  Sometimes we give so much of ourselves to others there's nothing left for us.  We're here for a limited amount of time so let's make The best of it.  So choose wisely on how you spend your time and who will it be with.  Until next time✌!!

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