Are you willing to work for it?

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their holiday weekend (having that extended weekend is always helpful). Although, I worked, I still took the time to remember some of my service mates who are no longer with us.....(Go Navy!!)

This has been such a long weekend, but it has made me realize that it's a must to really put in 150% to my own aspirations. Have you ever been so into making your money RIGHT NOW that you get side tracked on the bigger picture? My aspirations aren't just for my benefit so I must be sure to execute them all and do it RIGHT. However, we know that in most cases you have to spend money to make money. The biggest thing that we must be willing to sacrifice is our TIME. There will be more times than none that you must turn down a party, vacation, or even a block of time to be social. That's fine because once your goal is met you will have so much time to go and do all of those things without feeling guilty about it. Budgeting and saving is essential to the process. At one time I didn't care much about saving because I knew I had it and more was coming. Imagine had I not had that thought process. Now there's a bigger picture and the responsibilities that I have taken on require much more. So budgeting and cutting unnecessary bills have definitely saved me. The biggest thing that I will say is to celebrate every step along the way by creating small goals to get you to the end goal; that will help you stay on the course. There's many free tools to utilize to help you keep track; it may even help to see what your bank may offer. I can't wait to share my next venture with you all. I'm so excited about it. I've been doing many things and through saving and budgeting and setting goals I've been able to work on these projects until I've gotten them where I want it....Until next time....

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