Protective Style Season

Heeeyyyy!!!!...Well it's the beginning of a new week and I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  It was a long weekend for me with work and graduation to attend.  So you know there were some festivities going on afterwards.  I must say Saturday morning was scorching I wanted to snatch my wig off; but I couldn't let everyone see the Meek Mill braids I had  So with that being said I realized that if it's going to continue being hot like that; no more wigs/weaves.  I'll be wearing my hair in twist, comb coils, and maybe braids.  No matter What it is my scalp will not be hidden; it will be able to breathe.  How will you be wearing your hair?  Need assistance with choosing a good style for yourself and your young natural?  Let Mane Elevation help you out.  You can click the book now button and book at anytime.  Tuesday will be a day that we will offer a special on any twist style.  Be sure to mention #getittwistedtuesday to receive the special offer.  Until next time ✌.

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