My new "Natural" self care items

After yet another lengthy break, I come back with a little to share. Hope you a have been blessed and doing well. I'm just going to get right into these new products that I have recently purchased from another small business. I discovered her on IG like most people do these days. I decided to get rid of the Dove soap ( I will miss you😢) and the many tried facial cleansers. Now I'll be using hand made natural soaps from a young lady from IG: @royaltybyroots (she also has a website ). My purchase was a set that includes 3 soaps: oatmeal infused , charcoal infused, and black soap. Along with that is an oil that she says is Stem oil ( you get 2). It's only been 2 days since using and I feel a slight change in my skin ; nothing too visible at this time. However, I have noticed that the oil used on a previous ankle injury has soothed the discomfort I had been experiencing at times. Also note, I've only utilized the black and charcoal infused soaps so far because they are really for acne and scarring which I have quite a few spots of. Now, its recommended to make an adjustment in your diet being plant-based to achieve maximum results. As we know everything we put inside reflects on the outside. So in order to maintain the results we're looking to achieve we must make changes to our inside. So a cleanse can't hurt right🤷🏾‍♀️. The goal is to get back to that glowing acne/scar free face that once existed. I do owe some of this damage to hormonal changes as well...but diet played a part as well. So before even considering a dermatologist, whose first choice would be applying chemicals that burn your skin...why not try natural remedies first and support a small business while doing so. I mean it's too hot for makeup right? So remember keep your face cleansed, moisturized, eat clean, stay away from sodas/sugars, and water water water ( preferably alkaline). Oh for my melanin rich people....we DO need sunscreen as well😎....Until next GREAT my loved ✌!!!

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