We love Pumpkin Spice Season, Right?!

Hello beautiful people....Hope that as you are reading this; you're relaxing and preparing for the next week upon us.  This is definitely my time of year.  Got the chill out and it's time for scarves, boots, and yessss...some good pumpkin spice latte!!!.  While many await this season to be able to walk up to your fav coffee spot and order a pumpkin spice latte.  However, did you know that pumpkin isn't just good for us to drink?  If you're anything like me your answer may be no.  After a lot of research and trial and error while working on our hair care line.  We've come across the fact that pumpkin is a great ingredient to assist with healthy hair maintenance.  With the potassium included in the pumpkin is something I was drawn to do more studying and trials due to the benefit of promoting hair growth for those who are trying to get their hair back on track.  Along with that you have the other Vitamins A, C, and E.  So why not add this to your regular treatment regimen with your steam treatment.  For all you DIY hair treatment folk....try adding a little pumpkin to the already made product.....At least until our mask is complete :).  If you're not following us already do so on Twitter and IG @maneelevation  and tell a friend to tell a friend to come over and subscribe to stay up on any and everything going on with us.  Thanks for your time and support keeping up with us!

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