How well do you treat your Scalp?

Hey ALL *inserts wave*.  Hope that you all have had an amazing week.  Knowing that we are getting closer to the busiest time of year; some just don't have the time to be messing with their hair everyday (raises hand).  I'm definitely not excluded from this at all because I'm working a lot more and would much prefer low maintenance hair (and outfits  While we love our protective styles; are you maintaining a healthy scalp?  Do you exfoliate your scalp?  If you're an active person your scalp may require a little more TLC.  So exfoliating your scalp in between shampoos/styles are amazing.  Doesn't it feel amazing when you get that fresh shampoo and that scalp is clean and able to breathe.  I know many have mentioned the use of Sea Breeze or Witch hazel, which If you can use on your face (which is your skin), then I'm certain that it's okay for your scalp (which is also skin).  However, it lacks other ingredients that can be helpful for your hair if some just so happens make it's way to the hair shaft.  My recommendation is to exfoliate your scalp at least once per month.  For more tips and products that we recommend to assist with keeping a healthy scalp and healthy hair follow us on Twitter and IG @maneeelevation

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