Finding the Perfect Product!!!

Hello beautiful people. Hope that you all are having an amazing week so far. Let's chat a moment about products. Now, I know some of you are self proclaimed product junkies; I mean I used to be one as However, sometimes we find ourselves looking at others for inspiration, asking "What did you use on your hair?" Assuming you will achieve the same results (which is definitely not always true). Just like anything in life the use of products is like trial and error. So if it doesn't work one way; don't throw it away just yet. One of the most trying products is a cream based product. They're used for moisturizing, conditioning, and styling overall. If you're like me, you love a good set of fresh 2 strand twist on your shampoo day and that means you will do them on damp hair. So, it's best to know the consistency of the product you're using compared to the texture and density of your own hair. I'll speak on our line of cream (Mangled Mane) which is amazing for moisturizing and twist styling. It's best on dry hair, unless you have extremely thick and course hair. However, the beauty of this product is that it's amazing with moisturizing your strands prior to protective styles (i.e. box braids, twists, braids for sew ins). Also, some products work better when incorporated with other products to bring out the best results. Let's stay connected, share our website, subscribe, like, and follow us on all social media platforms. Until Next time good people!!!

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