Networking Novice

I've never been a big social butterfly, but as someone that would like to continuously grow as a full-time entrepreneur it's a must to let people see you and get to know you as a person. It's important to create a village of supporters around you from many different areas of business. So I have a friend that does monthly events to grow her business as a Wedding officiant/planner (follow her on FB at Trivlie's "let's say I do"). Come to find out I'm a little more social than I So look out for highlights on some of these business women from us. Remember when you're networking it's important to have genuine interaction. Oh the possibilities of how you all can find a way to work together to create something much bigger. I shouldn't have to say this but be sure to always have more than enough business cards and ALWAYS ask for one from anyone that you come in contact with if you're discussing any sort of never know who would benefit from your newsletters, blogs, etc.....until next time Happy Networking!!!!

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