Wash & Go...Done Properly

I know it's that time of year good people. The time of year that we want to rock stress free hair..and by stress free; I mean less time spent on getting right. However, are you being sure that you are doing so appropriately? Now the shorter your hair is the easier this styles is. First off you want to be sure that your product is a great moisturizer/conditioner. So, when your hair is short you can just get a nice amount of product and rub it through your hair and give it a whirl with your fingers. NOW, for my ladies with some length...YOU CAN NOT just wet your hair spray leave in conditioner and go. You want to ADD your product to damp hair and with your large tooth comb, detangle brush, and/or use some finger combing techniques. You want to ensure that your hair is as tangle free as possible and that your product is evenly distributed. Not only will this keep your hair fresh and moisturized; but with the right product those CURLS/COILS will POP!!!! We have something for one of my amazing supporters. Follow us, and share our post on a social media platform of your choice and Use Hashtag #maneelevation to receive a FREE full size Product (Twisting Cream). Winner will be chosen on Friday 6/14

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