Coloring With Your Hands!!

So we're here dead set in summer and it's just way too hot!! Hope you all are staying cool. Well I tried y'all but this heat has turned me into a bald-head scallywag AGAIN!!...It's definitely not considered any type of big-chop because I'm already natural....just trying to be a short natural right now. So; if you're anything like me; you get bored with one look and that's the blah of your hair in it's natural color for myself. However, my intention is not to dye my hair anymore (fingers crossed); but that doesn't mean I wasn't going to play in a little color (chemical free and temporary). For the next few days we will be a bluish-purple color. It's Cream based and from a small business that I will soon share after a few days. Not sure if I like how messy it is ....or did I do it wrong...and I oop.....I'll try to get more photos of this color...until then....

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