#TBT Product I still use periodically

Wassup beautiful people, we all love a good throwback session right?  Just sitting here thinking about how once the natural hair wave came along a lot of us became soooooo...."Oh what products in that?" "Oh no hunni, no shea buttah....I could nevvvaaa!!"...lol...and all that other jazz.  However, I'm sure that there are still some products that you just have to use from time to time that still does the same thing it did for you before you knew there was a genre called "Natural hair"  Actually, I have a few that I still pull out from time to time.  One that I will mention because I just used it on my own hair while in a rush at my aunties house.  Can you guess?....probably not...so I'll just tell ya...yup it's Luster's Pink Oil Moisturizing lotion.  Who didn't use that to get this nice slick ponytails?.....aaaannndd it didn't hurt that it did smell good.  With my short hair it worked great by giving me the moisturization that my hair needed to brush and go ....but believe that when I get back home it will be back to our Mangled Mane moisturizing cream that works amazingly.  What's your product that you used when you were younger that you may still use at times?  Let us know!!!!!.....Until next time peeps (chucks up the peace sign)!! 

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