Finally Fall!!!

Hey y'all....Can we talk about how excited I am to FINALLY feel cooler weather. Like who else was tired of the heat *wipes brow*. After the longest summer ever this week finally showed us that we would definitely be having a FALL ( my favorite time of year ). Which leads to discussing the best time for all my transitioning naturals. This time of year is perfect if you are making that change from being a relaxed beauty to natural ( We understand not everyone is about that big chop life). You can wear your wigs and 2 strand twists and hats and headwraps (all these things you can do in warmer weather but much easier when cooler. OH but I know my straight hair natural beauties are extremely excited!!!!....No humidity = longer blowouts/silkpress *adds finger snap*. How could I forget the notorious hair color me find a new fall color to get for my hair. Well we will be dropping some good transitioning styles along with fun natural styles. Are you following on social? Better yet are you subscribed? If neither ....what you waiting for....we want to finish 2019 out strong and with doing so; looking to expand our family....regardless of where you are physically....we will have something for you all....You don't have to sit in our chair at the salon to be apart of the FAM....Until next post ..PEACE!!!! **Pam from Martin voice*

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