To Transition or Big Chop?

So we've reached that time of year where we are ready to make a change with our looks and become better in all aspects. It's kinda like breaking up with a boyfriend and going for that new look and overall new YOU; instead we're breaking up with a SEASON that has been dreadful (SUMMER....the heat was a HORRIBLE mess!!). We want to be healthier and better; which includes our hair as well. Now some will enjoy the freedom of just letting go of all of the relaxed hair and getting right to the journey and others have a hard time letting go and would rather gradually get into the journey. For myself...I'm more of a person who prefers the Big Chop. Your decision should be based upon your lifestyle and ability to maintain your hair. This is important if you aren't one who maintains consistent visits to a professional salon to assist with your journey. However, let's be clear that there is no better choice; it all just depends on the person. So with that being said....Are you Team Big Chop or Team Transition?

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