Well Well...It's the New Year and I must say the 1st day of the New Year wasn't bad at all. Did anyone other than myself work today?!...lol...Can't be mad at all about it because it was work in my business. Knowing that everyone has made all of these promises to themselves for 2018; I hope everyone has at least ONE accountability partner. It is sooooo necessary because we are human and it's so easy to fall off track. One important thing that many in business (and life in general) have to be sure to make a point to have is...Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyaallttyy (in my best Kendrick Lamar voice..lol). However, I'm so serious. Most importantly; loyalty to yourself. I did learn that It's so easy to lack that in the beginning phases of becoming an entrepreneur because you're so focused on pleasing the consumer/client at all costs that you may be selling yourself short.

I want to touch on hairstylist (because that's my lane). What I will be avoiding is the salon hopper. You want to avoid them because you don't need to be responsible for someone not seeing the progress they feel they should see with the health of their hair. Also, you deserve to have loyal clients because it doesn't just benefit you but also the client. You can't be afraid to turn down clients; if they aren't a good fit for where you see your business. Another stylist you know may be a better fit; so don't be afraid to refer them to that stylist. Overall the loyalty to self must remain at the top of the list. Now I know that I just touch on stylist; however, this message goes for anyone. I'm maintaining my loyalty to my business(s) so if you haven't subscribed to my website; do so. If you're not following my IG; do so: @maneelevation

Until next time!!!!!!

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