New Wig....Who Dis?!

Hello beautiful people...Big Welcome to the Fam that has joined us...We See You!!! Y'all doing alright? Well all is well on this end besides stalling on one of my newest projects. Being a part of the #shorthairdontcare club you want a little change at times. This is my story right now. So there's a wig that I've had for like a year and we're currently under construction. It's so nostalgic doing this because I can remember being a teenager and me and my cousin braiding each other's hair and as long as we could put it in a ponytail and not notice the unbraided hair...we took our If you're part of the short hair club and you you would like to wear some sort of extension style you can. If you have an older wig and the lace remains in good condition...ensure it's clean, conditioned and get to work...........Can't wait to show you all the end results.

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