You miss your shorter hair?

Wassup peeps!!!..OMG it's been a looooong time since content has been created in a blog. However, I wanted to let it be known that my short hair is being missed more and more daily. Lately, I've been in between growing out my hair or cutting it again. There's just something about that short hair that makes me feel real SASSY!!!....YOU FEEL MEEE?!! So, since I didn't want to make a decision I will regret the decision was made to improvise. So the goal was to go with a tapered look. Parting the hair from one temple area to the other. Manipulate the hair upward close to the part and after ensuring that I've got it as smooth as I can I would then complete a cornrow from each side on the part and intertwine them at the back to give the taper illusion. As for the top I then parted roughly 6 portions and did flat twists towards the front and connected them all in another twist. Tucked the end of the twist....and WALLLAAHHH there's the tapered doesn't hurt that I have a little splash of blonde on the ends to give a little pop!!!..Oh and we used our Mangled Mane Twisting cream to achieve this look....Do you love your hair short or long? Have you recreated a short look with longer hair (using your natural hair)? If so let us know what you've done or better yet show us the look..

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